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HyProCure – a Permanent Solution to Correct Flat Feet

Custom Orthotics and Treatment for your Feet

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Welcome to Medical Foot Solutions, innovative healing for your feet. We are a provincially regulated Chiropody Clinic, with locations in Burlington and Milton Ontario. We offer treatment for conditions such as heel pain, crooked toes, flat feet, corns and bunions. If you are in need of custom-made orthotics both our Burlington and Milton clinics can prescribe the precise device that you require.

Medical Foot Solutions is an Atlas Certified Center for the HyProCure procedure and we are the only clinic in Ontario to meet the rigid surgical standards of Atlas. HyProCure is the only soft tissue procedure that can correct flat feet.  It is a minimally invasive, surgical procedure that takes only 30 minutes.

Whether it be advanced treatment therapy or preventive measures to ensure continued and on-going foot care health — our team of medical professionals are here to provide the highest standard of service for you and your feet.

Innovative healing… for your feet

Heel Pain / Fasciitis Warts Thick Discoloured Toenails Crooked Toes Flat Feet Tingling Toes Bunion Corns and Callouses Pain in Ball of Foot Burning Pain Swollen Legs and Feet Sports Injuries Strange Lumps and Bumps Ingrown Toenails Painful Ankle If it hurts or does not look right


Podiatric services are not covered under the OHIP system (these services were de-listed in 1990); however, most private insurance companies do provide coverage for office visits and many procedures. If you are uncertain about your coverage, contact your carrier directly for details about your specific plan.

Founded by Jonathan Haslehurst and Ruth Avelino

Medical Foot Solutions – Burlington

Our Burlington Office is now Closed.

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Medical Foot Solutions – Milton

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Around Medical Foot Solutions we really take being a chiropodist exceedingly seriously. All of us realize that undeniably when consumers are searching for an extraordinary Burlington based chiropodist people desire the greatest. Certainly we strive to be truly the best chiropodist we could possibly be around Ontario. It is really our resolve to absolutely remaining the greatest that has generated us such substantial esteem with our backbone clientele.

Being an extraordinary Burlington based chiropodist we furthermore continually attempt to spend time to listen to all of our customers inquiries with patience and without impatience. We all always go to the trouble. We feel that it's extremely critical to be certain that customers truly feel appreciated and of course cared for.

There truly are not an excess of chiropodist which possess the particular expertise plus background to label theirselves as being leader inside their sector. Blend that together with our great amount of purchaser assistance and we really feel we're absolutely the perfect extraordinary Burlington based chiropodist within Ontario.

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Commitment to Top Quality - An Extraordinary Burlington Based Chiropodist and An Extraordinary Burlington Based Chiropodist

Our devotion to good quality is definitely remarkably excessive. If you're attempting to be an extraordinary Burlington based chiropodist or an extraordinary Burlington based chiropodist, there is truly not one other option but to give it your personal best in order to excel. If perhaps any particular consumer will require more work, all of us offer this valued consumer additional effort. Nearly anything for us to be sure they are ecstatic with us all as a chiropodist. Bear in mind, we do service almost all of Ontario, so feel free to call.

Perseverance - An Extraordinary Burlington Based Chiropodist and An Extraordinary Burlington Based Chiropodist

Many customers have often described our services as an extraordinary Burlington based chiropodist, an extraordinary Burlington based chiropodist, an extraordinary Burlington based chiropodist coupled with the leading Ontario situated chiropodist you can find! Really this won't occur if you're lacking exceptionally diligent toil and also commitment to the businesses consumers and also the unparalleled quality of your completed work. Whenever you will be looking around to find an extraordinary Burlington based chiropodist, we absolutely contend that we're honestly the perfect choice. Simply call Medical Foot Solutions to discuss the needs you have ASAP! 289 878 7334.

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For most any business, knowledge certainly is a crucial aspect in regards to success. When you are looking for an extraordinary Burlington based chiropodist, this point is far more legitimate. As a chiropodist, we all will tell anyone in person that the ultimate outcome is certainly driven from the past experience of the organization you've been contracting. The extremely huge degree of practical knowledge which Medical Foot Solutions provides in being an extraordinary Burlington based chiropodist, is certainly just why you actually have to invest in us for your valued critical requirements. Whenever you happen to be wanting for an extraordinary Burlington based chiropodist, think of Medical Foot Solutions. Certainly speak to all of us straightaway.

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