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Welcome to Medical Foot Solutions, innovative healing for your feet. We are a provincially regulated Chiropody Clinic, with locations in Burlington and Milton Ontario to  easily serve you. We offer treatment for conditions like heel pain, crooked toes, flat feet, corns and bunions. If you’re looking for orthotics in Burlington or Milton this is also something we offer. At Medical Foot Solutions, foot care is our specialty — whether it be advanced treatment therapy or preventive measures to ensure continued and on-going foot care health — our team of medical professionals are here to provide the highest standard of service for you and your feet.

Innovative healing… for your feet

Heel Pain/Fasciitis Warts Thick Discoloured Toenails Crooked Toes Flat Feet Tingling Toes Bunion Corns and Callouses Pain in Ball of Foot
Burning Pain Swollen Legs and Feet Sports Injuries Strange Lumps and Bumps Ingrown Toenails
Painful Ankle If it hurts or does not look right


Podiatric services are not covered under the OHIP system (these services were de-listed in 1990); however, most private insurance companies do provide coverage for office visits and many procedures. If you are uncertain about your coverage, contact your carrier directly for details about your specific plan.


Founded by Jonathan Haslehurst and Ruth Avelino

Medical Foot Solutions – Burlington

200-488 Locust Street
Burlington, ON
L7S 1V2
Tel. 905 631 8423
Fax. 905 631 6623

Medical Foot Solutions – Milton

350 Main Street East
Milton, ON
L9T 1P6
Tel. 289 878 7334
Fax. 289 878 7327



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Reasons to Pick MedicalFootSolutions?

Around MedicalFootSolutions we do look at being a chiropodist extremely sincerely. We all recognize that unquestionably when folk are hunting to obtain a competent Burlington based chiropodist they require the best. Certainly all of us struggle to really be the greatest chiropodist we all can possibly be within Ontario. It truly is our determination to absolutely remaining the winner that has garnered all of us extremely good admiration here with our customers.

Being a competent Burlington based chiropodist all of us also continuously endeavor to take time to answer all our customers inquiries with extreme diligence and with absolutely no judgment. We invariably go to the trouble. We really feel that it's really crucial to ensure clientele feel appreciated and taken care of.

Certainly, there are not numerous chiropodist which hold the particular skill set coupled with background to market theirselves as being innovator within their business. Incorporate that together with a increased amount of buyer assistance and we really feel we absolutely are the best competent Burlington based chiropodist within Ontario.

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We'll be delighted to examine your present chiropodist requirements in greater detail on the telephone or perhaps via email if this is preferable for you. From there we will recommend the answer that best works with your present conditions. Learn the reason people today refer to us as the right competent Burlington based chiropodist!

Continue to Require Convincing? Different Reasons MedicalFootSolutions is certainly A Burlington Podiatrist

Commitment to Great Quality - A Burlington Based Foot Doctor and A Chiropodist In Burlington

Our commitment to top quality is definitely tremendously excessive. If you're trying to be a competent Burlington based chiropodist or a competent Burlington based chiropodist, there is really no other route but to really give it your very best to excel. If any given client calls for added time, all of us provide this valued buyer added care. Whatever's necessary to be able to make sure they will be completely satisfied with all of us as a chiropodist. Understand, we work with most of Ontario, therefore feel free to contact us today.

Perseverance - A Burlington Based Chiropody Clinic and A Podiatry Clinic In Burlington

Our valued customers have reported our business as a competent Burlington based chiropodist, a competent Burlington based chiropodist, a competent Burlington based chiropodist and also the greatest Ontario based chiropodist you will discover! Honestly that doesn't occur unless there's unbelievably diligent toil plus resolve for ones consumers and also the top quality found in your completed product. Whenever you might be looking around to obtain a competent Burlington based chiropodist, we really contend that we are honestly the most effective solution. Phone MedicalFootSolutions to go over your needs right away! 289 878 7334.

Experience - A Custom Orthotic Service In Burlington and A Milton Based Podiatrist

With any given business, experience certainly is a huge component impacting overall results. If perhaps you may be searching for a competent Burlington based chiropodist, then this point is more legitimate. Being a chiropodist, we can tell you decisively that the end result is categorically determined simply by the practical experience of the business that you have been hiring. The substantial degree of practical knowledge which MedicalFootSolutions offers as a competent Burlington based chiropodist, is simply the reason an individual have to trust all of us for your valued patronage. If you might be browsing for a competent Burlington based chiropodist, look into MedicalFootSolutions. Ensure you communicate with all of us today.

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Deciding on which chiropodist to retain is a challenging endeavor. Choose the best selection. Why not speak to us all with zero expectations to find out yourself if all of us will be the best chiropodist for you.

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