Compression Socks

Compression therapy is usually initiated when the patient is complaining of swelling in and around the foot and ankle, or when the veins have become enlarged and torturous causing discomfort.

Compression therapy can also be effective for those patients who sit or stand for long periods of time resulting in a general fatigue feeling in the legs and feet. Modern compression socks have come a long way from the early days of heavy, hot latex stockings.

Customized compression socks offer immediate relief by constricting the leg tissues. This helps blood return to the heart while improving the flow of fluid in the legs. These socks provide noticeable comfort, mobility, and reduce tissue swelling. By improving the flow of blood, the legs feel less fatigued during one’s day-to-day routine. Athletes are often seen wearing compression socks to improve athletic performance and/or prevent injuries.

Today they come in a variety of materials, styles (for men and women) and various levels of compression depending on the pathology that is being addressed.  We have a wide selection of samples for the Sigvaris line of products.

Do you have? Are you suffering from?

  • Tired / achy / heavy feeling legs
  • Leg / foot / ankle swelling
  • Pain in leg / foot / ankle related to prolonged standing or sitting
  • Varicose veins
  • Pregnancy related fatigue in legs and feet

You may benefit from Compression Socks

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