How long will my orthotics last?
    Usually 3-5 years. While the shell (firm plastic part) typically won’t crack or break, it can fatigue over time and require replacement. See our Second Pair policy (link) for details on our replacement discount. Top covers and other soft components wear at varying rates and are easily and inexpensively replaced.
What kinds of orthotics do you make?
    We make orthotics for every imaginable combination of recreational/occupational activity and foot and ankle condition. We choose from a wide range of materials, components and manufacturing methods to create the best solution for each customer’s unique needs. We have over 20 years of experience solving the most complex cases. We’re good at simple cases too.
How do you take the impression of my foot?
    We use the 3D neutral suspension plaster slipper cast, which is considered the gold-standard for the industry. We take impressions non-weight bearing and place your foot in its corrected position.
What happens if they hurt my feet?
    Orthotics may feel a bit strange when you first get them but they should never cause pain. If you followed the break-in instruction given to you when you got your orthotics and are still experiencing discomfort, please call us to book a follow-up appointment. Orthotics sometimes require adjustments to make them work comfortably. Adjustments are free of charge for the first 6 months. Although we can’t guarantee 100% resolution of all your symptoms, we do guarantee that your orthotics will work comfortably. We commit to working with you to achieve a satisfactory and comfortable outcome. If we can’t, Medical Foot Solutions will refund your money.
How long do they take to make?
    Approximately two weeks with rush service available at a nominal fee.
Are they waterproof?
    “Resistant” yes, “Proof” no. The top covers and other soft components will absorb water and the adhesives holding them together may delaminate, so don’t use your orthotics while scuba diving. However, if they do get wet, take them out of your shoes and let them dry at room temperature. Do not put them in the dryer or expose them to high heat.
How do I clean them?
    You can use mild soap and water to wipe them clean and then let them dry at room temperature. If your orthotics develop a strong odour that can’t be eliminated with cleaning and drying, replacing the top covers may be the answer. It only takes a few days and our prices are reasonable.
How can I tell if I need orthotics?
    If you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your feet, legs, hips or lower back, a visit to your chiropodist/podiatrist is the first step. He/she will tell you if orthotics can help or may refer you to us for an assessment. Our assessment fee is reasonable and will be credited to the cost of orthotics if you purchase them.
Do you sell children’s orthotics?
    Pediatric feet have many unique challenges that are not seen in adult feet. For this reason we offer several special orthotics for children and adolescents.

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