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Foot Care Products

Pamper your Feet and Nails, Relieve Foot and Heel Pain and so much more…

foot pain cold feet

Suffering from Cold Feet? InfraCare Socks are the Solution

These unique socks have a special biomaterial, tolamine, woven into the fabric which allows them to maintain a temperature 5-8°C above ambient temperature. These socks are perfect for anyone who works in cold environments or who suffers from cold feet due to: diabetes, Raynaud’s or poor circulation. InfraCare socks are suitable for diabetics since they are not compressive and therefore will not restrict blood flow. InfraCare socks are available in two colours, white and black and in the following sizes: small, medium, large & x-large.
Price: $25 / pair 

cracked dried heel pain treatment

Cracked, dried heels? Atrac-Tain Cream is a step above the rest.

Atrac-Tain is a moisturizing cream containing 10% urea and 4% AHA. Atrac-Tain is highly effective at softening and exfoliating severely dry, scaly, calloused, cracked skin. This unique product should be kept by every diabetics bedside. Atrac-Tain is fragrance and preservative free.
Reg Price: $18 / tube 

pumice stone treat dry cracked feet relieve foot pain

The Perfect pumice stone….Kupastones

This stone is practical and easy to use, making it a natural choice for effective callous removal and regular maintenance of the feet. This unique pumice stone is handmade, using highly grogged natural clays and fired until it achieves its perfect hardness allowing it to last a lifetime. This stone can be the perfect addition to any gift bag!
 Price: $10  

Bunion Aligner

Infracare Ultra-thin Bunion aligner is made of a special material called power net. It gently re-aligns the big toe towards its natural position to help minimize bunion pain & discomfort.

Direction for use: Just slip it over the big toe, pull it under the arch and latch it to back of feet. You should notice an immediate difference.

Features: Made of a special ultra-thin material called power net,(fits into shoes) it gently aligns the big toe towards its natural position. You can notice the difference right away. This is made of breathable material and is comfortable. The kit also comes with 2 silicone gel toe separators, for evening use. This is the first big toe aligner designed for day time Bunion pain relief.

Price: $60

compression stocking relieve pain swollen legs feet foot

Do you have swollen legs and feet? Compression Socks/Stockings may be the solution you are looking for.

Medical Foot Solutions carries the SIGVARIS line of products, a global leader in the field of compression therapy and lymphatic disorders. Sigvaris socks and stockings incorporate a unique graduated compression technology, to help with tired, aching, swollen legs, ankles or feet. They can also aid with unsightly varicose veins, and spider veins. At Medical Foot Solutions we are certified fitters and we would be more than happy to help you find the right style and fit to suit your needs.
Price will vary according to compression and type


This product is a re-usable bandage that is made from a special high quality Lycra weave material on one side and a special silicone skin technology adhesive on the other side. This product prevents and helps the skin recover from blisters. Re-Skin stretches and moves with the skin. It is breathable, washable and can be cut into any shape.
Price: $12

Clean Sweep™

Clean Sweep™

Use Clean Sweep™ daily for a safe, all natural, way to kill bacteria and neutralize causes of shoe odor.

Clean Sweep™ is a clear, flexible antimicrobial micro-coating that works inside the shoe.

Environmentally safe
Contains no fragrance or colors

Price: $16 

Nail Care Products

nail polish protect against fungal fungus toenail toe foot

Dr. ‘s Remedy: Enriched Nail Polish & Treatment

Dr’s Remedy Enriched Nail Polish is the only over-the-counter enriched polish, created by doctors, that is free of toxic ingredients such as formaldehyde, toluene & DBP. It has been infused with naturally occurring elements such as, tea tree oil, garlic-bulb extract, wheat protein & vitamins C&E. This unique formulation will strengthen and protect the nails from fungus, discoloration and cracking.
Price: $18 Now: $14
For a complete nail treatment we also carry a cuticle oil ($12), a nail hydration to prevent cracking and splitting ($18) and a nail polish remover ($10)


Formula 3 Professional

Is a unique, compounded, topical medication used in the treatment of toenail fungus. Formula 3 is the only oil-based, antifungal treatment on the market. This unique formulation allows it to penetrate into the nail plate.

The active ingredient 1%Tolnaftate, is FDA approved as an effective agent against fungus. The compounded liquid is odourless and it will not leave any residue and requires no drying time. A single bottle will last 3-6 months depending on the number of infected nails. Formula 3 comes with an unconditional money back guarantee provided by the makers of Formula 3.

Price: $60

Pain Management Products

The Pharmax product line was developed by world renowned Seroyal pharmaceuticals. Seroyal is a natural pharmaceutical company, dedicated for over 28 years to assisting physicians and other healthcare professionals restore, rebuild and maintain patient health.

Delivra™ was developed by a leading Canadian Molecular Pharmacologist, Dr. Joseph Gabriele. His objective was to develop a new route to pain relief as an alternative to oral medications. He created Delivra™, a proprietary compound base topical delivery system that when combined with medicinal ingredients are able to deliver them directly to the affected areas. This technology combined with high quality active ingredients will penetrate tissue six times deeper than other similar topical medications.

LivRelief Pain

a pain relief cream that provides temporary relief from symptoms associated with arthritis, including soreness and minor pain. Cream can be applied 1-4 times daily, using the metered dosing pump. (use 1-2 pumps per application)

Price: $20 

LivRelief Nerve

a neuropathic pain relief cream that provides temporary relief from symptoms associated with nerve pain, diabetic nerve pain and shingles pain. Cream can be applied 1-4 times daily, using the metered dosing pump. (use 1-2 pumps per application)

Price: $30  

foot pain relief compression sleeve feet

FS-6 Compression Foot Sleeve

The OrthoSleeve FS6 Compression Foot Sleeve combines medical grade orthopedic support with patent pending Compression Zone Technology™ to provide pain relief and prevention for those suffering with plantar fasciitis, chronic heel pain, swollen arthritic ankles and feet, or poor circulation. With its easy-on fit and six zones of graduated compression, the FS6 is effective enough to provide relief, but comfortable enough to wear any time, even under normal socks and shoes. Many find the FS6 works well as a night splint when treating Plantar Fasciitis.

Price: $45 – 2/box 

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