Genesis Light Therapy

Genesis Light Therapy is a photodynamic therapy that involves three key components: a photosensitizer (which is a chemical compound that can be promoted to an excited state when it is exposed to a specific wavelength of light), a light source, and oxygen. When this photosensitizer is exposed to a specific wavelength, it produces a charged oxygen atom. This high energy atom “attacks” any organic tissue it encounters, thus making it highly cytotoxic, resulting in cell death.

The way this therapy works is by mechanically debriding the infected toe nails. The methylene blue is applied to the toe nail then the methylene blue is subjected to a light source of 640-660 nm (red), and a brightness of 4,000-6,000 lm for 5-7 minutes. Typically, 3-4 treatments are required, with a 1-4 week interval between appointments. This therapy is painless and will improve the look and strength of your nails.

Do you have? Are you suffering from?

  • A discolored and thickened nail
  • Damaged / crumbly nail

Genesis Light Treatment

You may benefit from Genesis Light Therapy Treatment

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