How are custom orthotics made?

Your custom-made orthotics begin with a 3-dimensional volumeric image of your foot. A prescription will be written by your chiropodist/podiatrist outlining the desired features of your orthotic. The design of the device will be based on their assessment findings and the patient’s pathology.

Your “casts” will be sent to Paris Orthotics Laboratories. It is one of Canada’s pre-eminent accredited orthotic manufacturer (BAPFOL) and the Lab of choice for the most technically demanding foot healthcare professionals. Paris Orthotics employs highly skilled technicians who use a combination of state of the art CAD/CAM technology and old fashioned hand craftsmanship to make your orthotics.

Within approximately two weeks your orthotics will be ready for fitting. At your fitting appointment they will be checked for proper fitting (to your feet and footwear) and you will be given break-in and any follow-up appointment instructions on break-in and any follow-up appointments required.

Make an Appointment now to ensure that your next pair of insoles are truly custom-made orthotics.


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