This revolutionary procedure offers a permanent solution to many common foot conditions such as: Flatfeet, plantar fasciitis, fallen aches, bunions, heel pain and some forms of tendinitis. Virtually anyone can have this procedure as long as the foot is flexible and the patient is older than 3 years of age. HyproCure is a simple in office surgery that takes approximately 30 minutes to perform. Under local anesthesia, a titanium stent is placed within the canalis portion of the sinus tarsi. After the 30 minute procedure, the patient is able to leave the office on their own. Typically the implant will last a life time and does not need to be replaced as the patient ages. HyproCure is the ONLY permanent non-surgical alternative to orthotics. Visit: www.HyproCure.com. Medical Foot Solutions is currently the only clinic in the Halton area that is offering this procedure.
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