The unofficial start of summer

Along with being a day off from work, today is the unofficial start of summer. While you might not be heading to the beach right away, it's time to get your body ready for it. One important part of beach beauty is hair removal.

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Every woman knows that shaving just doesn't give the smooth perfection of waxing. At-home waxing is stressful, painful, and awkward. When you come to a professional spa like ours, you can be sure to have a far better experience.

You can also combine your waxing session with our other spa treatments. You can relax with a massage, get a fresh-faced look with a facial, or pamper yourself with a pedicure. All of these treatments will go a long way to making you feel even more beautiful and ready to hit the beach.

Of course, waxing isn't just for the ladies! Men can get themselves beach ready with waxing. There are back and chest waxing services that are ideal for men.

While the smooth skin you'll have after a professional wax will last, you'll want to go back for more pampering!

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