Intro Into the Health Benefits of Plant-dased Nutrition

We started out with a quick introduction from Susie and then all of the attendees introduced themselves briefly and shared their personal reason for attending. As I figured would be the case, I was by-far the youngest attendee! Living in an area where there is a high concentration of retirees and "snow birds," this is not uncommon. I was really excited that this many people we're there to learn about the link between diet and health! Aside from two people on my row and myself, none of the attendees we're already plant-based, and most we're suffering from health problems ranging from relatively minor to severe (cancer). The man sitting next to me, Ron, was attending the class for the second time. He shared his story about embracing veganism 2+ years ago, how he's since lost over 100 pounds, and cured himself of his major health ailments. Ron was quite an inspiration!

Once the intros we're completed, we watched a quick video of Dr. Barnard explaining the link between food and disease. The video was informative and easy to understand. We we're told that the next three classes will delve deeper into the topics Dr. Barnard touched upon. The most interesting part of the video was the discussion of the link between dairy and cancer. So many people believe that dairy is necessary for optimal health, when research seems to be pointing to quite the opposite.

We took a quick quiz based on the information in the video and then it was on to the food prep demonstration. Susie made three recipes from The Cancer Survivor's Guide - Easy Bean Salad, Black Bean Dip, and Veggies in a Blanket. After the demonstration, we we're all invited to taste each dish and sample soy milk. All three dishes we're simple and delicious!

Overall, I thought the first class of this series was wonderful. Granted, given the knowledge of plant-based living that I came into the class with, I don't know that I'll learn a ton that I didn't already know, but just having Susie as a resource is worth it! She spent a few minutes after class talking to me about raising kids on a plant-based diet; she has three adult children that she raised vegan and they all have chosen to stay vegan in adulthood. She gave me hope for getting Jackson on board with plant-based eatingfor life!

It is so encouraging to see not only local folks educating others about the health benefits of plant-based nutrition, but also that people are receptive!

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