I have done all that I can do, I have filed petition after petition. I...

I have done all that I can do, I have filed petition after petition. I have even written the President of the University to which I received a call from the Vice President of Student affairs. I have met with the head of academic advising, all to no avail. I have even sent letters to the local news stations, to which I have received no response. I am stuck with their decision. The irony of the situation is that now that the class has had it's first session they are down from 16 students in the class to only 11, which means they may be cancelling it! In that instance it is a good thing that I am at the community college taking it, because I know it won't get cancelled, it is too full.

I spoke up and I made sure my voice was heard and it did not go as I had hoped, but at least I said something, which is more than I can say for some people. I have found that many students simply accept the status quo and aren't willing to question or challenge authority. Certainly there is a time and a place for everything and challenging something without a valid reason isn't useful: it is wasteful. Part of the fight for me was making sure that the administrators knew that their plan wasn't as well thought out as it could have been. Their plan by limiting the units of all students regardless of standing with the exception of graduating seniors and military did not account for other's situations that necessitate an exemption. My goal although was not met for me, it did give the dean of academic advising something to consider going forward.

Interestingly enough between beginning this post and ending it they have lifted the unit restrictions and I can now take the full 19 units that are available to me. Now I just have to get a permission code to get into the class I need.

The semester has begun and so the joys of starting my senior have begun, it is I am sure going to prove quite interesting.

I must give appropriate credit for this posting partly to http://snowremovalfast.ca. I actually got the idea for this post from I little piece I read up on on their website.

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