Following a skin-care regime is very important

Following a skin-care regime is one of the foundations of properly looking after ones self. After all, we all pay attention to our faces and try to obtain that youthful glow. One area is a telltale sign of aging, and that's often overlooked are the hands. One of the biggest issues is that hands can easily become dehydrated. The outcome could be that they crack, peel, and bleed.

Here are just a few tips that are sure to help.

Avoid certain types of soaps

Many brands out on the market contain synthetic fragrances and preservatives. Aside from being a major factor of dry skin, it gets rid of the essential oils on the skin, making it more prone to drying. Look for a mild soap with added moisturizers.


While most people only exfoliate the face, the rest of the body also needs this process. The back of the hand is where some of the most sensitive skin cells are and exfoliating enables the dead cells to be removed and provide newer skin to shine through. Rejuvenate the hands by using a pumice stone or exfoliating cream in a gentle manner after bathing.

Moisturize those hands

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Moisturizing after every hand wash is a good way to keep your hands in pristine condition. Go so far as to take it with you and use it regularly, sometimes as much as six times a day. Carry a smaller size bottle in your purse and make it a habit to use consistently.

Avoid hot-air dryers

Hot-air dryers are increasingly common in bathrooms of the stores and restaurants. However, although they dry the hands well, they are a huge culprit to chapped hands. The smart way to dry the hands without dehydrating them is to pat them lightly with a paper napkin or towel. Always keep some with you.

Wear gloves

When doing work at home such as gardening or washing dishes, use gloves in order to protect those hands. In addition, gloves should be worn in colder climates in order to keep the hands insulated. Stay away from vinyl gloves as they have a tendency to defeat the purpose of keeping hands moist, only stick breathable types such as cotton or leather.

Use a humidifier

As the winter season is approaching very quickly, it is a good idea to invest in a humidifier to help the skin remain moist and hydrated. A humidifier has an extra benefit not only for the hands but the face and rest of the body as well. Place one in the bedroom and allow it to do it's job while you are asleep.

Slap on pure aloe

Besides being all natural, pure aloe has been proven to do wonders on the skin. Aside from healing wounds and scars, it can also moisturize the hands and prevent it from cracking. Try using it in tandem with coconut oil, another great natural moisturizer. If skin is ultra dry, add a pair of cotton gloves over the aloe and coconut oil and leave on overnight for an at-home spa treatment.

The lips are affected by the wrath of winters chill too. Makeup artist of the stars, Cindy Cohen, has developed a stunning collection of lip colors in lipstick and glosses. They not only make you look great, but each lip product is filled with moisturizing ingredients to maintain chapped-free lips.

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