Plantar-WartsPlantar Warts (also known as verrucae)

Plantar wart: Is a viral infection of the skin, typically occurring on the bottom of the foot. Though the virus itself is relatively fragile, once it infects the skin the virus is protected by an impressive arsenal of defenses making it very resistant to treatment. However, the virus only infects the outer epidermis; therefore treatment will generally involve separating the epidermis from the dermis. This separation is frequently achieved through the use of a topical agent, which will create a small water blister under the virus. Once the blister develops it allows the doctor to remove the wart without damaging the dermis. For more resistant plantar warts a combination of treatments may be employed, such as: LASER, autoimmune inoculation, immune regulating drugs or excision.


Treatment options for Plantar Warts:

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