Topical Treatment

Plantar warts are a viral skin infection usually located on the bottom of one’s foot. Though the virus is very fragile outside of its host cells, once it is able to infect skin cells it inherits all of the self-defenses that are normally attributable to skin cells. The virus becomes resistant to both thermal and chemical damage, it gains the ability to regenerate damaged DNA and has the ability to rapidly multiply and spread the virus to other cells. However, since the virus is localized to the outer epidermis, this allows for “targeted” treatment by separating the epidermis from the deeper dermis. Once separated, the infected skin cells can be painlessly removed.

This separation is achieved by using a well-tested topical agent to create a small water blister under the virus. Once the blister develops, a trained specialist removes the wart without damaging the dermis. Typically 2-7 treatments are required. In a small group of patients more than 7 treatments may be required.

For resistant plantar warts, a customized combination of treatments may be utilized. These can included autoimmune inoculation, excision, immune regulating drugs, or LASER.

Do you have? Are you suffering from?

  • Small fleshy, rough, grainy growth on the bottom of the foot
  • Growth on foot is flesh coloured, white, pink or tan
  • Seed warts (little black dots within warts)


You may benefit from a Topical Treatment

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