Topical treatment

Topical treatment

Topical medicines are for use on the skin and can be tremendously effective in dealing with foot ailments and infections that are typically caused by fungus. Topical treatments are an excellent tool in combating:

  • Plantar warts
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Seed warts
  • Fungal toenails

Are you showing symptoms or suffering from any of these issues?

  • A small fleshy, rough or grainy growth on the bottom of your foot
  • A growth on the foot that is flesh, white or tan coloured
  • An itching, stinging or burning sensation on the toes or soles of your feet
  • Cracking and peeling of the skin on your foot, mainly between your toes and on your soles
  • Little black dots within warts
  • Your toenail is thickened, yellowish in colour and appears crumbly.

A topical treatment may be the right solution for you! Book an appointment today to relieve your symptoms.

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